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Steve Cohen – Online Reputation Management, Lorene Schaefer – Handling Harassment and Pam Sligar – Realtor

Steve Cohen, “Head Renegade” leads Internet Marketing Renegades, an online reputation management firm. He and his team help companies proactively avoid bad reviews on social sites and review portals. Stressing that even one negative review can kill someone buying from you online or coming into your store, he explained that the power of Social Media today and your reputation can’t be an afterthought.

Most people are not aware of all the sites where reviews of your company can occur much less have the tools and strategies that are needed to head of a bad review and turn the reviewer into a raving fan.

That’s what Steve and his company does using custom software that heads of those bad reviews before they get posted. It’s unique and you’ll want to learn about that if you sell online, serve the public or own a store or restaurant.

Beyond reputation management, Steve offers local search engine optimization, Social Media marketing, and can help you deal with the exploding number of people using iPhones, iPads, tablets etc. so your content and web site show up well on any device.

You can reach Steve, the “Head Renegade” at 770-847-0510 and on the web at

Lorene Schaefer, President of Workplace Investigations Group, is an attorney specializing in the investigation of sexual harassment and workplace bullying claims. Her staff of experienced attorney investigators handle these explosive situations and get to the bottom of the issue. Working with you and your own attorney, they complement your own counsel by taking on the highly specialized task of investigations that HR and investigators generally lack the expertise, skill and knowledge to handle properly.

Explaining that jury awards can be quite stratospheric if harassment claims are not handled properly, and that a company, by not responding can waive any defense, it is clear this area of workplace management requires education for you and managers but also someone who is already in place who can nip these toxic situation in the bud.

It’s an area large firms understand well but in general, smaller firms simply are not aware of what a harassment claim can even sound like, much less have any idea of the pitfalls of handing a claim improperly. For example, claims can sound like not a big deal, “Jack walked me out to my car after the company party and tried to kiss me.” Yep, that’s a real complaint and you better be ready to respond appropriately.

That is where Lorene and her team help. They can educate your managers of what constitutes harassment, what they must do and what legal consequences could be so they can be avoided. If worse comes to worse, you and your regular corporate legal team will have the experts who are impartial and can properly execute your obligations and help head off costly litigation.

You can contact Lorene at 800-830-1561 email: and on the web Her blog is

Pam Sligar is a third generation Realtor and literally grew up with Atlanta real estate. Her 30 years in the market is reflected on her grasp of the market nuances, trends and inventory. Explaining that there is a real shortage of good properties in almost all price ranges, she can advise new people on what to do to get a good home in a market that is becoming increasingly tight.

For sellers, she can help be sure you get the very top price by marketing your home properly, pricing it right and making a difficult process where anything can hold up a sale, go smoothly.  After years of a home glut were prices were badly depressed it’s a different story today. Pam says most homes sell in 100 days and some sell at substantial premiums over the asking price.

You can reach Pam at the Keller Williams Mansell Road office at 678-521-5571 (cell) 678-287-4800 (office) email and on the web at

Franchise Attorney Michael Rosental explains franchising for business owners and buyers

Who hasn’t thought about owing or starting a franchise? Most business owners dream of seeing their brand spread worldwide with thousands of franchisees sending in royalty checks every month. Many individuals, probably 95%, have dreamed of being their own boss and looked at franchises at some point in their career.

Michael is a widely respected franchise attorney in Atlanta who has extensive experience having been an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Georgia as well as Special Project Coordinator for the Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, and a Special Assistant Attorney General.

He’s been specializing in franchise law for over 20 years and is well respected and known in the Atlanta franchise practice area.  He counts franchisors as clients from all over North America and has seen and had to deal with a lot of legal issues surrounding starting, running or buying a franchise.

You’ll want to listen in to find out why most businesses who try to expand by “licensing” their concept to someone else trip the trifecta of specific tests that will make you subject to the FTC and state franchise laws.  Michael says that the test for determining if you are a franchise is a three legged stool so you need to understand what those are for certain. It’s not a trivial issue, the going fine for each offer you make (remember the 10,000 emails you sent out?) is in the $10,000 plus each range… so it’s not something you want to learn about when you get a “dear felon” letter in the mail from the FTC…

A good franchise attorney can help you structure your concept to avoid the tripwires and consult with you to give you to plusses and minuses of being a franchise vs. a license arrangement. There are definite advantages to being considered a franchise vs. licensing so don’t automatically think it’s not a good solution. With a lot of sketchy advice about this subject alone, it’s worth talking with a pro when you are thinking “I’ll franchise my business.”

As a franchise buyer, you need to have a specialist in franchise law on your team who can advise you and help protect your interests and your family attorney is seldom expert in this legal specialty. Attorneys like Michael will help you understand the FTC required Franchise Disclosure Document all franchises must give prospective franchisees.  They will also give you sound pointers on what the key questions you must answer before buying the franchise are and how to get the real answers to those questions.

You can contact Michael at the Wagner, Johnson & Rosenthal, P.C. offices by calling 404-365-0005 or by email and on the web at