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Rochel Parker, Classical Feng Shui Consultant Brings a Degreed Engineer’s Perspective

Feng Shui is a much misunderstood and misused term which has perhaps hurt it’s being taken seriously in America.  Explaining there is a very big difference between Classical Feng Shui and “fokelore” Feng Shui.

Rochel explains that the “Classical” version  is based on mathematics while the other is about using talismans which act somewhat like post-it notes of what the viewer should be thinking or paying attention to then.  It’s the difference between “always on” vs. “momentary on” light switches, one is always there and on while you have to manually hole the other in the on position for it to work.

A practitioner who has been actively learning for 16 years and today is a sought after speaker on the subject. Rochel says she is not yet a Feng Shui master but is well on her way after 16 years practicing. The only way to become a master is to study with the Feng Shui masters who are found in Hong Kong, Malaysia and other countries surrounding China and through practicing their teachings over time.

Saying that it works by bringing a sense of being right and that you simply feel at home when the Feng Shui energy flows are aligned for you and your home. It’s a complicated process that would fill a four foot high book were it all written down in one place. It’s definitely not something you can get from a book or course, it’s a process of studying with masters of the art in the far east where the principles have been applied for 5,000 years in a place where you see examples of good and bad Feng Shui.

Working in business to bring prosperity, it’s used by many very well-known companies and personalities. Examples of how changing the bad energy flows to good has dramatically transformed the success of many very visible people in the news including “The Donald” Trump and Oprah Winfrey.

It’s a fascinating subject that there is a great deal of misunderstanding of and casual dismissal but when you listen to Rochel on today’s show, you’ll go away with a new appreciation of an ancient art and how it can improve your life and livelihood.

You can reach Rochel at 404-589-0308 and by email at:

Al Mishkoff, Jo Ann Tuttle, Jeff Sheehan and Brittni Ping Guests

Our show today covers topics from garage floor coatings to increase your home’s appeal and utility, construction consulting services for companies and governments to take the pain out of accounting and reporting, using sophisticated psychometric testing to help your college student make the right choices, to expert advice on how to use social media to promote your business so you don’t do more damage than good.

Al Mishkoff is president of Granite Garage Floors, a residential services company that upgrades garage floors with a durable, functional and decorative epoxy coating system that will give your garage a look worthy of Jay Leno’s garage. With businesses opened in four cities besides Atlanta and expansion plans afoot, other areas will soon be able to turn their dirty, stained old garages into showcases.

Using diamond grinders and a lot of preparation of the floor makes sure the foundation of the home comes up before Al’s durable coating ever comes up. Well almost anyway, he says that his floor is guaranteed to stay down and not peel like acid prepped surfaces with epoxy paint usually do.  With an infinite range of looks you can turn an old dusty garage into a stain proof and easy to clean one.

You can contact Al Mishkoff and find out more at email him at or call 770-329-1751.

Jo Ann Tuttle started her consulting firm JAT Consulting Services, Inc., 19 years ago and it now helps governmental agencies such as Hartsfield Jackson Airport manage the financial complexities of its $6.2 billion capital improvement program working for International Aviation Consultants LLC. Taking the complex payments, compliance reporting and contracting details for cities and municipalities are another service her firm provides.

The city of Dunwoody is an example where her company handles all finance, budget and purchasing activities for the newly incorporated city. This model of outsourcing services to private parties to keep government overhead low and results responsive to the citizens is a popular trend here and other governments could well improve services and cut costs with JAT.

A person who gives back, Ms. Tuttle is a member of the Airport Minority Advisory Council, Consulting engineering of Georgia and the Women’s Transportation Seminar. She coaches and helps contractors working in places like Hartsfied-Jackson (there are over 700 contractors, many small) learn business skills and gain the knowledge that simply can’t be learned anywhere else through seminars and mentoring.

Saying she believes that giving back to help these companies not just gives you sense of personal satisfaction that’s hard to duplicate, it also builds a stronger Atlanta.

You can contact Ms. Tuttle at 770-975-7359 email her at or on the web at

Brittini Ping is President of Students & College, an information services company for parents and their children who are in the process of selecting a college and thinking of how to cut the costs of a higher education given today’s massive costs for college.

We’re all different and understanding those differences can help you and your college bound children pick the right major and school the first time and save frustration and money later on. That’s what Brittini and her team do for families grappling with college choices and costs.

A division of BestWork DATA, a psychometric testing firm used by companies to help understand how to best place employees in positions and the best strategies for helping their employees maximize their potential, Students & College uses the same powerful testing tools to help you and your son or daughter understand the areas where they will do their best and be happy in their major. By picking the right major up front, you avoid the high cost of having to swap majors later and spend an added year to get a degree, an obvious benefit to the cost conscious.

As important, you and your son or daughter will gain valuable insights as to the college that is likely to be the best fit be that a small liberal arts school or a school with tens of thousands of students. We’re all different and understanding those differences can help you and your college bound children pick the right major and school the first time and save frustration and money later on.

You can reach Brittni Ping at 770-274-0518 x 8300, via email at or on the web at

Jeff Sheehan is President of Sheehan Marketing Strategies, a firm that helps companies use the right mix of social media to drive business and avoid the many pitfalls of “do it yourself” social media approaches can harbor.  Explaining it is not something that will work for every company nor will the same social media channels work with every situation, Jeff says that you really must understand the problems and characteristics of your marketing goals and match that to the right media for the job. That media might be social media or not and if it is, then it might be LinkedIn but not twitter.

Knowing takes a professional and Jeff brings his major ad agency background with him when discussing and advising companies on how best to use this “new media.”

An active speaker in the Atlanta community, Jeff is well known for his volunteer work with career ministries helping others to learn how to think about and use social media in their job search and to develop a personal brand.

You can put his years of experience marketing products to and for major companies like Cisco, Apple, HP, Dow Chemical, and IBM to work in your firm helping you makes sense of and get real business out of today’s new media.

Jeff Sheehan can be reached at 770-366-1047 by email at or on the web at

Diane Prindle – Hiring employees with disabilities; Howard Flint – Marketing effectively in a web-centric world

Diane Prindle of Briggs & Associates helps employers hire those with disabilities; Howard Flint, President of Ghost Partner helps companies market effectively using the new media and a changed web centric world. Briggs & Associates Diane Prindle helps those with mental disabilities find employment which gives an immense sense of satisfaction to those hired while helping companies discover a new pool of dedicated, grateful and highly effective employees to do many tasks in their companies.  Taxpayers win too as those hired no longer require support from State and Local programs freeing up funds badly needed in other areas. Dispelling the myth that hiring people with mild mental disabilities is fraught with problems, she cites study after study showing they make excellent highly-skilled employees in the right position. Working with the employer, Briggs & Associates analyze the job skills needed in various positions and identify those suited to their pool of individuals. After careful matching, the results surprise the employer because they find their new employee is loyal, on time, dedicated and turn out better results than the people they hired previously. There are many other positive outcomes from stepping forward to see how your company can make a difference for challenged individuals and in the process, improve many aspects of their own company. Contact Diane at 404-290-6860 email: Web: to learn more. Their services are free for the employer and the individuals they help so there is no reason not to reach out and discover a new talent pool. Ghost Partner Howard Flint sold his last company, BUZZ Publishing in 200 but saw that content on the web would soon become vital to being noticed. With a proven network of professional writers, he formed Ghost Partner to help firms navigate the uncharted waters of internet marketing. Working with some very high profile clients like Intuit/Quickbooks and many smaller ones, Howard and his team have rounded out a complete solution for internet marketing using unique, quality content, social media, SEO and website content optimization. His team have the edge over many others offering similar services having done newsletters for years and with a network of proven writers to tackle projects. The result is copy and marketing optimized to get the results you have set for your online marketing and return the highest ROI on your investment. If you struggle with finding or executing an internet/social media marketing strategy that works, you’ll want to be sure and reach out to Howard. Call him at 404-537-2166 X 4 or email: Web:

Women Entrepreneurs and Their Businesses: Simply Saying Hi, Thanks and Hello; and Professional Real Estate Sales and Investment Advice

Our first guest was Larissa Nichols, a Russian immigrant 13 years ago leveraged her education as an English teacher in Russia and as a translator to move here. She has found a niche building her business teaching sales people, Realtors, attorneys, small businesses – virtually anyone how to make a positive impression and stay in contact with their customers by sending a thank you, birthday or gift card.

An independent dealer for SendOutCards, Larissa introduces people to the power of using the internet to make sending a real in-the-mail gift, birthday, Christmas, get well or thank you card as easy as sending an email.  Instead of buying expensive custom cards that never get sent because they take forever to address, stamp and mail, her service lets you send your cards out one at a time, a thousand at a time or create a series of cards that automatically go out.

She says using these to reach out to new customers makes positive impression and increases the likelihood of your getting a referral and repeat business. Now there is no excuse for your sales force not to send new customers and prospects a professionally designed card rivaling ones costing several dollars or even use your own designed one. . . and send it for a fraction of the cost of what it would cost locally. Get in touch. You’ll get a card at a minimum! Concta Larissa at 678-332-6607 or email:

Lorraine Beato is a Realtor with Palmer House Properties and brings 20 years experience in real estate and appraising to the field of real estate. Starting in real estate in Westchester County, NY and moving here she’s worked in high value properties with discerning families as well as in more modest prices homes all across the real estate spectrum. Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, she has a unique ability to work with clients and bridge the gap beteween cultures, language and business methods.

Beyond being a great resource for listing and pricing a home so it sells at the top price in any market, she goes the extra mile to make a deal come together. She knows what repairs need to be made and what those will cost, having a lot of experience in rehab work. That’s great for sellers or, if you’ve hired Lorraine to act as a buyer’s agent, you’ll not have any nasty surprises in the inspection process that delay or kill a sale.

If you are interested in investing in real estate – it can pay off handsomely if you get the right place, in the right market and the stage of the market is favorable. Knowing how to determine all those factors separates Lorraine from many others in the field. Investing on her own account and helping other investors acquire and rehab profitable properties means she has the current knowledge to help you make a wise investment.

Conscientious, going the extra two miles for her clients and doing a superb job following up with every party to a transaction means smooth sales and purchases, no surprises and an altogether terrific experience. Keep your eye on Lorraine, she’s a powerhouse and you’ll be hearing more from her.  You can reach Lorraine at and by phone 404-429-7354,

Feed Your Team, Keep Their Data & Secrets Secure; Building Pesonal Wealth & Security With a Franchise

Stephanie Howard – McAlister’s Deli Catering Manager, Bill Abroms – ABCUS Inc. on foolproof Data Security and Steve Miller – The Entrepreneur’s Source on Being a Franchise Owner

Stephanie has been managing big and small events from small catered corporate functions to the PGA TPC size events into the hundreds. Having come up in the restaurant business, she brings solid customer sensitivity to McAlister’s Deli Catering and ensuring every expectation will be met within your budget.

Private functions such as weddings, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, tailgate parties, community events… it doesn’t matter. The amazing wide selection from pages of dishes that are available virtually guarantee fantastic food within whatever your budget.

With multiple stores in Atlanta and other states, you’ll find great food and service nearby.

When quality, service and attention to detail counts, reach out to Stephanie Howard at 601-622-4761 or or on the web at:

Bill Abroms company is ABCUS Inc. He is an expert in securing even the most sensitive data from loss or hacking using sophisticated hardware and software solutions. We’ve all seen the embarrassed company and governmental officials stuttering and stammering in front of microphones and being grilled on how it was their company or agency accidentally left 2 million detailed financial records and credit card data laying around on a laptop that was left on a bus., etc.

If they had contact Bill and his company, there would have been no story. The data would have been encrypted to top security standards and the moment the computer was used by an unauthorized person, much like the eponymous destructing tapes in Mission Impossible, the already encrypted content of the computer would be destroyed.

From thumb drives to data centers, from very small companies, attorney offices, medical professional’s clinics and offices, Bill and ABCUS have easily affordable solutions. Given the huge cost of data loss today, no one can afford to not lock down their sensitive information. So call the people Homeland Security and other government agencies have called to secure sensitive data, contact Bill and ABCUS.

You can contact Bill at 770-448-5667 or email or on the Web at:

Steve Miller with The Entrepreneur’s Source represents selected quality franchise opportunities. His business and calling is helping people in transition in the Corporate world explore an alternative career path  by being their own boss in a franchise. Steve also works with executives who are presently employed but who realize that creating a separate source of income outside their company is critical today.

With employees being almost temporary contractors without even the myth of retiring after a long career in a company remaining, many sensible people are exploring what the franchise business model could do to improve their long term security and income.

Taking a consultative approach is Bill’s approach to working with people he sees. He’s fully aware of what running a business is all about having built and sold a large one of his own and that puts him in the position of being able to walk you through the advantages of a franchise and explain it from an owners perspective.

But he’ll be the first do your homework, don’t rush into the first thing or even the thing you fall in love with He’ll insist you talk to successful franchisees in the franchise you are considering and more importantly, stress how vital it is for you to also talk with the ones who left the system. In short, he’s a pro.

Get in touch with Steve, you’ll find he is no nonsense, corporate in his approach, consultative plus you’ll get the wisdom of one who has years of franchise and business expertise to draw upon.

You can reach Steve at 404-787-5897 or email or on the Web at:

Peggy Titus-Hall CPCC, PCC with People Growth LLC Helps People In Career Transition Launch New Careers

Peggy Titus-Hall CPCC, PCC with People Growth LLC Helps People In Career Transition Launch New Careers

Peg works with her clients to help them find the perfect career that meets their definition of success including personal, professional, and financial satisfaction as well as a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives.

As a personal career and life coach, Peg:

  • Is trained and certified to listen, to observe, and to customize the approach to individual client needs
  • Seeks to elicit solutions and strategies from the client
  • Believes that you, the client, are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole

On your own, you are alone and limited only to what you know, Peg gives you the benefit of her career in large corporations and her own company helping executives, family business members and individuals with their careers.

For those who are making a career transition for and those who want to climb the corporate ladder faster than their peers, Peg will equip you with the techniques, the insights, the skills, the confidence and the very best tools, processes, strategies and techniques so you get the very best results faster than the “rest of the pack”.

Peg can help you to:

  • Identify your ideal career path
  • Develop your networking connections
  • Determine a communications strategy to ask for what you want and need from your network
  • Build an effective, powerful resume
  • Cultivate a plan to build an ongoing career path

She is also an expert in interpersonal communication and presenting like a pro. You can learn how to give presentations that are alive, fun, communicate your message and make it stick … so people take action, not naps.

She knows what she’s doing in front of an audience and is a sought after speaker. Her previous speaking engagements include:

  • McDonald’s Corporation
  • Georgia Institute of Technology – Women’s Leadership Conference
  • American Society for Training & Development
  • Credit Professionals International
  • Networking Entrepreneurial Women’s Conference
  • Ernst & Young LLP
  • Georgia Association for Women Lawyers
  • Georgia Coach Association

When you listen in, you’ll pick up several suggested website Peg recommends to help you with your career and career transitions in our broadcast so don’t miss that.

Peg is well connected in the community and serves as the President of the Board of Directors of the Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra and is an alumni of Leadership Johns Creek.

You can put someone on your team who will help you get a better position faster and take away skills that will make you far more effective and confident in your future roles, business and personal.

Give Peg a call at 678-427-6456 email:, and visit her on the web at