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Chad Davis with Regus, Tracy Solheim, Author, and Emilie Christie with Mama Bakes Safe Cakes

Emilie Christie opened her company which specializes in making cakes, cupcakes, pizza and doughnuts for people with severe food allergies. For those with these allergies, even smelling the offending ingredient can send an allergic person to the hospital in anaphylactic shock, a life threatening condition.

The main allergies are to Wheat/Gluten, Eggs, Dairy, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Soy, Fish and Shellfish. As one might imagine, she found that there was little available that a child or adult could eat in the prime food groups like pizza and doughnuts much less cupcakes and cakes as they use these ingredients extensively. Deserts and tasty stuff the non allergic take for granted were simply not available and what was available didn’t taste too good.

With her own severely allergic child and being a take charge sort of person, she set about to create tasty items for her own family. Experimenting with ingredients and finding sources for alternatives to the common ingredients used in so many products was quite a challenge. She succeeded and makes creations that taste as good or better than the regular versions, opening up having birthday parties, deserts, pizza and doughnuts to people who never even tasted these delights.

Asked if it is something she can box up and sell like a cake mix, she says that it’s a lot of work since it is a multi-step process that most would not want to undertake. Definitely not for people like your host who find putting a bowl of soup in a microwave challenging…

But the good news is with a kitchen right here in Alpharetta, you can order these delicacies for your family and pick them up, now work involved. You can reach Emily at 770-664-5638 email or on the web at

Chad Davis is the Area Sales Manager for Regus, the leader in flexible workplace solutions. We know them as a top end executive office suites provider who delivers a professional turn key office environment to their clients anywhere, worldwide. With 31 offices and 800,000 plus square feet of space under management right here in Atlanta and over 1,500 offices worldwide, they have a footprint that dwarfs other similar operations.

Every property has the same layout, amenities, staffing and features as any other office. As a client, you can walk into any office anywhere in the world and in minutes have an office setup that you’ll feel right at home with. You just show up and show off. No extra charge except for the things you’d ordinarily pay back home makes this a great benefit.

For small entrepreneurs staring out, they deliver the IT, Phone and administrative support you need but at a tiny fraction of the expense to say nothing of removing the hassle of dealing with the issues involved. For large firms, it’s a flexible and fast way to house a temporary location to accommodate special projects or as an alternative to leasing more space if your workforce fluctuates with contracts etc.

Find out about the many ways you can save money and hassle or launch your new venture economically, give Chad a call at 678-643-2229 email or on the web

Tracy Solheim has been writing books since the 4th grade. Today, she’s a contract author with Penguin Books and has several books in publication with two more right around the corner.  She writes romantic women’s fiction today. A journalism major in college, she wrote for newspapers as well as the Congressional Record. She says her journalism training has helped give her a distinctive “voice” that comes through in her novels. If you want to become a published author, she gave indispensable advice on how to start and what to do to make your passion your position. You can reach her at , find her on Facebook @Tracy Solheim Books and reach her at 770-354-0201.

Feed Your Team, Keep Their Data & Secrets Secure; Building Pesonal Wealth & Security With a Franchise

Stephanie Howard – McAlister’s Deli Catering Manager, Bill Abroms – ABCUS Inc. on foolproof Data Security and Steve Miller – The Entrepreneur’s Source on Being a Franchise Owner

Stephanie has been managing big and small events from small catered corporate functions to the PGA TPC size events into the hundreds. Having come up in the restaurant business, she brings solid customer sensitivity to McAlister’s Deli Catering and ensuring every expectation will be met within your budget.

Private functions such as weddings, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, tailgate parties, community events… it doesn’t matter. The amazing wide selection from pages of dishes that are available virtually guarantee fantastic food within whatever your budget.

With multiple stores in Atlanta and other states, you’ll find great food and service nearby.

When quality, service and attention to detail counts, reach out to Stephanie Howard at 601-622-4761 or or on the web at:

Bill Abroms company is ABCUS Inc. He is an expert in securing even the most sensitive data from loss or hacking using sophisticated hardware and software solutions. We’ve all seen the embarrassed company and governmental officials stuttering and stammering in front of microphones and being grilled on how it was their company or agency accidentally left 2 million detailed financial records and credit card data laying around on a laptop that was left on a bus., etc.

If they had contact Bill and his company, there would have been no story. The data would have been encrypted to top security standards and the moment the computer was used by an unauthorized person, much like the eponymous destructing tapes in Mission Impossible, the already encrypted content of the computer would be destroyed.

From thumb drives to data centers, from very small companies, attorney offices, medical professional’s clinics and offices, Bill and ABCUS have easily affordable solutions. Given the huge cost of data loss today, no one can afford to not lock down their sensitive information. So call the people Homeland Security and other government agencies have called to secure sensitive data, contact Bill and ABCUS.

You can contact Bill at 770-448-5667 or email or on the Web at:

Steve Miller with The Entrepreneur’s Source represents selected quality franchise opportunities. His business and calling is helping people in transition in the Corporate world explore an alternative career path  by being their own boss in a franchise. Steve also works with executives who are presently employed but who realize that creating a separate source of income outside their company is critical today.

With employees being almost temporary contractors without even the myth of retiring after a long career in a company remaining, many sensible people are exploring what the franchise business model could do to improve their long term security and income.

Taking a consultative approach is Bill’s approach to working with people he sees. He’s fully aware of what running a business is all about having built and sold a large one of his own and that puts him in the position of being able to walk you through the advantages of a franchise and explain it from an owners perspective.

But he’ll be the first do your homework, don’t rush into the first thing or even the thing you fall in love with He’ll insist you talk to successful franchisees in the franchise you are considering and more importantly, stress how vital it is for you to also talk with the ones who left the system. In short, he’s a pro.

Get in touch with Steve, you’ll find he is no nonsense, corporate in his approach, consultative plus you’ll get the wisdom of one who has years of franchise and business expertise to draw upon.

You can reach Steve at 404-787-5897 or email or on the Web at: