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Rochel Parker, Classical Feng Shui Consultant Brings a Degreed Engineer’s Perspective

Feng Shui is a much misunderstood and misused term which has perhaps hurt it’s being taken seriously in America.  Explaining there is a very big difference between Classical Feng Shui and “fokelore” Feng Shui.

Rochel explains that the “Classical” version  is based on mathematics while the other is about using talismans which act somewhat like post-it notes of what the viewer should be thinking or paying attention to then.  It’s the difference between “always on” vs. “momentary on” light switches, one is always there and on while you have to manually hole the other in the on position for it to work.

A practitioner who has been actively learning for 16 years and today is a sought after speaker on the subject. Rochel says she is not yet a Feng Shui master but is well on her way after 16 years practicing. The only way to become a master is to study with the Feng Shui masters who are found in Hong Kong, Malaysia and other countries surrounding China and through practicing their teachings over time.

Saying that it works by bringing a sense of being right and that you simply feel at home when the Feng Shui energy flows are aligned for you and your home. It’s a complicated process that would fill a four foot high book were it all written down in one place. It’s definitely not something you can get from a book or course, it’s a process of studying with masters of the art in the far east where the principles have been applied for 5,000 years in a place where you see examples of good and bad Feng Shui.

Working in business to bring prosperity, it’s used by many very well-known companies and personalities. Examples of how changing the bad energy flows to good has dramatically transformed the success of many very visible people in the news including “The Donald” Trump and Oprah Winfrey.

It’s a fascinating subject that there is a great deal of misunderstanding of and casual dismissal but when you listen to Rochel on today’s show, you’ll go away with a new appreciation of an ancient art and how it can improve your life and livelihood.

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