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Team building from hiring to inspiring; Bringing Hollywood Here

Alan Allard with Predictive Results, discusses how small firms to large can use EEOC compliant behavioral assessments to hire smarter, place people in the right job, and develop skills and behavior scientifically. Find out the secret to hiring the right person the first time – you sales managers pay particular attention – and avoid the very high cost and potential for lawsuits that comes with firing the wrong person who didn’t work out.

You can reach Alan at or call 678-778-9012.

The flip side of having teams is developing them into cohesive groups who work well together, are engaged and loyal and passionate about their company and their job. Kenny Zale of Making Teams Rock, brings his years of experience with sales management and a career as a professional musician to the art of team development through engagement strategies.

His company uses safe, business focused yet engaging events and games to teach people why it’s necessary and how to work together to succeed.  Meeting planners and owners seek out Kenny to help them create learning experiences that translate back to the workplace in the form of increased awareness of their teammates as people and the best ways to work together for a common goal. You can find out more at or call Kenny at 404-861-5130. He has a new book “Did Beethoven Do the Dishes – How to lead teams to success” coming out soon and is a great resource for progressive companies who understand the power of teams.

Hollywood is making big movies in Georgia and the Atlanta area today. One reason is FLIPSFilm. Dale Sizemore, CEO and Founder, simplifies and streamlines the frustrating, time-consuming, arduous task of getting all the filming permits needed to produce a commercial or a Hollywood Blockbuster. Dale says that local and state governments have, for good reason, permitting requirements that although usually sensible and necessary, are different for different jurisdictions and even between departments. Different forms, terminology and timetables slow or even stall productions that can run over $40 million and representing perhaps millions in spending locally.

His company uses a combination of technology and legwork to simplify the process for the filmmaker and simplify the process for the many governmental departments involved in the permitting process. His team standardizes the process from the filmmaker’s point of view and delivers every bit of information each governmental department involved needs to approve a permit quickly and in compliance with guidelines.

Everyone wins when the process is fast and FIPSFilm collapses the time to days or a few weeks instead of months or perhaps, never.

Working nationwide, FLIPSFilm, headquartered here in Alpharetta, eases movie making while increasing revenue coming into local communities daily. If you are in the commercial movie or video production business, you’ll want to contact Dale. If you are a local government who wants to attract Hollywood spenders to your jurisdiction, you’ll really want to contact Dale. You can reach him at or 678-576-5100.