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Women Entrepreneurs and Their Businesses: Simply Saying Hi, Thanks and Hello; and Professional Real Estate Sales and Investment Advice

Our first guest was Larissa Nichols, a Russian immigrant 13 years ago leveraged her education as an English teacher in Russia and as a translator to move here. She has found a niche building her business teaching sales people, Realtors, attorneys, small businesses – virtually anyone how to make a positive impression and stay in contact with their customers by sending a thank you, birthday or gift card.

An independent dealer for SendOutCards, Larissa introduces people to the power of using the internet to make sending a real in-the-mail gift, birthday, Christmas, get well or thank you card as easy as sending an email.  Instead of buying expensive custom cards that never get sent because they take forever to address, stamp and mail, her service lets you send your cards out one at a time, a thousand at a time or create a series of cards that automatically go out.

She says using these to reach out to new customers makes positive impression and increases the likelihood of your getting a referral and repeat business. Now there is no excuse for your sales force not to send new customers and prospects a professionally designed card rivaling ones costing several dollars or even use your own designed one. . . and send it for a fraction of the cost of what it would cost locally. Get in touch. You’ll get a card at a minimum! Concta Larissa at 678-332-6607 or email:

Lorraine Beato is a Realtor with Palmer House Properties and brings 20 years experience in real estate and appraising to the field of real estate. Starting in real estate in Westchester County, NY and moving here she’s worked in high value properties with discerning families as well as in more modest prices homes all across the real estate spectrum. Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, she has a unique ability to work with clients and bridge the gap beteween cultures, language and business methods.

Beyond being a great resource for listing and pricing a home so it sells at the top price in any market, she goes the extra mile to make a deal come together. She knows what repairs need to be made and what those will cost, having a lot of experience in rehab work. That’s great for sellers or, if you’ve hired Lorraine to act as a buyer’s agent, you’ll not have any nasty surprises in the inspection process that delay or kill a sale.

If you are interested in investing in real estate – it can pay off handsomely if you get the right place, in the right market and the stage of the market is favorable. Knowing how to determine all those factors separates Lorraine from many others in the field. Investing on her own account and helping other investors acquire and rehab profitable properties means she has the current knowledge to help you make a wise investment.

Conscientious, going the extra two miles for her clients and doing a superb job following up with every party to a transaction means smooth sales and purchases, no surprises and an altogether terrific experience. Keep your eye on Lorraine, she’s a powerhouse and you’ll be hearing more from her.  You can reach Lorraine at and by phone 404-429-7354,