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Help for Retailers Facing a Tight Market; Make Your Website Work Harder and Sell More

Stu Kent with SW Kent & Associates, LLC, a consulting expert in the retail industry shares some hard truths about retailing today but provides answers that you can put to work in your company. Meredith Kahan, a principal in Vesist Media, LLC, a web and graphics design company provides insights about the different impact on your success of a poorly executed site and one done by professionals who bring graphic design, technology, and business acumen to the process.

Stu Kent SW Kent & Associates

Stu Kent, a 30 plus year veteran of big box and medium size retail management knows what works and what doesn’t. A global thinker, he’s tuned in to demographic and cultural shifts that are already impacting retailers and that all retailers will need to understand to survive and grow an a tight market era. You’ll really want to learn what he sees for retailers coming out of the great recession and how to take advantage of the trends.

A consultant to some very large franchise organizations today and counting dozens of retailers across the nation as clients, Stu brings insights and solutions to declining sales, flat growth and tight margins. You’ll want to engage Stu if you are a franchisor with struggling franchisees. He’ll get them on track for success.

If you are a retail store owner wondering how to get on the growth track, give Stu a call, he’ll spend the time with you to understand your situation and offer sound advice on the way forward. You can reach him at: 866-235-1240 or email

Meredith Kahan, Versist Media

Meredith Kahan has an MS in Digital Imaging and Design and is marketing professional by trade. Her partner, located in Denver and their technical team , bring 30 years of technology experience and deep expertise to developing a website that meets any requirement. Counting large and small firms from New York to the west coast and even abroad as customers, they have a solid reputation and many years in business backing them up.

Just as a good magazine layout or well done display catches your eye and gets you to consider their content or features, a professionally done website does the same thing. But that won’t help if no one sees your site. That’s where social media marketing and SEO come in. If you are not an expert in these, you need to contact Versist Media, they are experts and can make these tools bring more prospects to you.

Unfortunately, many business owners have amateurish site, built with tools on inexpensive systems. And their visitors notice it. With less than 10 seconds to convince a web visitor not to click away, many of these home built sites actually drive away business.

It’s why you need professionals to do your website. You wouldn’t let your kid do surgery on you or use garden shears to remove your appendix just because they were handy or cheap. If you wouldn’t let untrained amateurs do surgery or use a cheap solution on you, why use the same approach to create your most customer-facing business presence, your website?

Get in touch with Meredith at 973-495-3510 or email her at


The Secrets to Business Success from Marketing to Mindset and Taxes to Technology

Purple Snowflakes Get Noticed, white ones don’t. Our guest, Dagmar Sands, is a true success story with a list of successes in live, business and real estate that won’t fit on five or six closely spaced pages. President of Dagmar Sands – Real Estate International, Inc., an international real estate group and luxury property marketing firm, networking wonder, mentor to many and the brains and drive behind Johns Creek City Guide, an online community resource that has helped draw many to Johns Creek. She and the Guide have likely facilitated more business connections that have made people money than AT&T. She is originally from Czechoslovakia although you’d never pick up on it in her speech and is fluent in about five languages…  Which helps explain why she’s such a powerhouse international property broker.

What a great person to talk about the power of helping others and making your business stand out from the crowd.  She explains more than just what a city guide can do to help connect people and companies with services and opportunities and why that is so critical to your success today. Dagmar also delivers wonderful insights into the business and personal secrets that made her a well known, well respected and sought after speaker, mentor and partner.

Her upcoming book is all about getting noticed and you’ll want to stay in touch and get a copy as soon as it’s available, especially if you are one of the 1.3 million Realtors out there aspiring to stand out and get the best deals.

You can reach Dagmar at:, email her at or call 404-313-3456.

HCREW Technologies President and Co-Owner Tommy Higginbotham and his team work with you like business partners, not technocrats. Why? Because Tommy literally grew up an entrepreneur along side his dad who ran his own business. He and his partner understand their job is to help their clients save money and make smart decisions on technology to improve business infrastructure reliability, decrease operating costs and increase productivity.

Offering consultative advice on a company’s technology, data and network setups, Tommy’s company tackles the soft underbelly of so many firms dependent on IT infrastructure to operate. They start by making sure the equipment and software are maintained, monitored for problems and proactively upgraded so small glitches are caught before they become catastrophes.

Helping be sure if “the asteroid hits your building” you can carry on today what with today’s firm so dependent on IT, is essential to survival. After all, how long can you operate with no way to get to your Accounts Receivable records? It’s why they offer monitored backups of your systems and data so ifthe worst happens,  your critical customer records, accounting data, sales information, etc., can all be back up and running almost instantly.

If you are small business, even if it’s just one PC and you can’t see living without it… up to a medium size firm, you’ll want to invite Tommy in for a review of your situation. After all, the business you save might be your own!

You can contact Tommy at or email and call 855-427-3986.

CPA, CFA and Business Adviser Steve Rothschild, with RRB Financial Services, has been helping businesses small and large avoid not just the tax traps but dodge the tiger pits that kill so many start-ups and growing firms. Steve’s company sets itself apart by helping you interpret the numbers and take action on what they are telling you.

Blending a combination of common sense and sound business advice in with the numbers you need to run your business along with sound tax advice, he helps you avoiding getting one of those “Dear Felon” letters from the IRS. Since 1987, Steve has helped firms avoid thinking about gaming the tax code but instead of putting the code to work for them in a positive way that returns big bucks to the company to help it grow.

If you are starting a company, have a new growing one , or own an established successful one, Steve can help you look to the future so you create an exit strategy and retirement program that will maximize your wealth and secure a comfortable and worry-free retirement.

You can contact Steve at email or call 404-974-3066.