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Take the “OOPS” out of hiring with today’s newsest psychometric assessments

Our guest today was Chuck Russell, President and founder of BestWork DATA. He discusses how, by using new data technologies, you can take the “OOPS” out of hiring. Author of “Right Person – Right Job, Guess or Know,” Chuck pioneered a new understanding of the practical power of solid DATA to transform the human resources of a business.

Using the newest insights and science of human behavior and working with the most distinguished psychometric scientists in North America and Europe, Chuck has developed a new and more powerful tool to bring increased clarity to the hiring process through more revealing and actionable assessments of the traits of individuals and how those apply to job performance.

From the developer of over 500 unique assessment reports and three assessment system, learn what the new state of the art is in employee assessments and how the popular assessments like Myers-Briggs and D.I.S.C. differ from the newest tools.

In the process, you’ll lean how using today’s modern psychometrics, you can not only put the right person in the right job but even do a far better job of matching job requirements to the best person among a group of seemingly equally qualified and talented people.

With over 70% of all firms using these or similar tools today, if you are not a user, you need to discover what you are missing and if you are not using Chuck’s system, learn what you are missing. You’ll be glad you did.

Giving back to the community is a big thing with Chuck and he makes his system free for use by any Veterans organization to help our heroes understand their strengths while assisting hiring companies to pick people who will best fit their requirements. If you work with any veterans’ group, get in touch for full details, Chuck will be a great partner.

You’ll find more ways to use the system Chuck developed by visiting – a site for those seeking new opportunities, and – a site for students to find out their dominant traits to help them pick careers that will seem like play and where they will excel.

You can reach Chuck Russell at on the web at or call 770-715-8326.

Feed Your Team, Keep Their Data & Secrets Secure; Building Pesonal Wealth & Security With a Franchise

Stephanie Howard – McAlister’s Deli Catering Manager, Bill Abroms – ABCUS Inc. on foolproof Data Security and Steve Miller – The Entrepreneur’s Source on Being a Franchise Owner

Stephanie has been managing big and small events from small catered corporate functions to the PGA TPC size events into the hundreds. Having come up in the restaurant business, she brings solid customer sensitivity to McAlister’s Deli Catering and ensuring every expectation will be met within your budget.

Private functions such as weddings, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, tailgate parties, community events… it doesn’t matter. The amazing wide selection from pages of dishes that are available virtually guarantee fantastic food within whatever your budget.

With multiple stores in Atlanta and other states, you’ll find great food and service nearby.

When quality, service and attention to detail counts, reach out to Stephanie Howard at 601-622-4761 or or on the web at:

Bill Abroms company is ABCUS Inc. He is an expert in securing even the most sensitive data from loss or hacking using sophisticated hardware and software solutions. We’ve all seen the embarrassed company and governmental officials stuttering and stammering in front of microphones and being grilled on how it was their company or agency accidentally left 2 million detailed financial records and credit card data laying around on a laptop that was left on a bus., etc.

If they had contact Bill and his company, there would have been no story. The data would have been encrypted to top security standards and the moment the computer was used by an unauthorized person, much like the eponymous destructing tapes in Mission Impossible, the already encrypted content of the computer would be destroyed.

From thumb drives to data centers, from very small companies, attorney offices, medical professional’s clinics and offices, Bill and ABCUS have easily affordable solutions. Given the huge cost of data loss today, no one can afford to not lock down their sensitive information. So call the people Homeland Security and other government agencies have called to secure sensitive data, contact Bill and ABCUS.

You can contact Bill at 770-448-5667 or email or on the Web at:

Steve Miller with The Entrepreneur’s Source represents selected quality franchise opportunities. His business and calling is helping people in transition in the Corporate world explore an alternative career path  by being their own boss in a franchise. Steve also works with executives who are presently employed but who realize that creating a separate source of income outside their company is critical today.

With employees being almost temporary contractors without even the myth of retiring after a long career in a company remaining, many sensible people are exploring what the franchise business model could do to improve their long term security and income.

Taking a consultative approach is Bill’s approach to working with people he sees. He’s fully aware of what running a business is all about having built and sold a large one of his own and that puts him in the position of being able to walk you through the advantages of a franchise and explain it from an owners perspective.

But he’ll be the first do your homework, don’t rush into the first thing or even the thing you fall in love with He’ll insist you talk to successful franchisees in the franchise you are considering and more importantly, stress how vital it is for you to also talk with the ones who left the system. In short, he’s a pro.

Get in touch with Steve, you’ll find he is no nonsense, corporate in his approach, consultative plus you’ll get the wisdom of one who has years of franchise and business expertise to draw upon.

You can reach Steve at 404-787-5897 or email or on the Web at:

Mayor Mike Bodker of Johns Creek and Mike Caines & David Shavzin ISO Certification

The Johns Creek Story – What makes a city great

The Mayor of Johns Creek, Mike Bodker, was our first guest discussing Why Johns Creek was formed in 2006, what lead up to the decision and his pivotal role in the process.  He did such a terrific job that he was elected the city’s firs mayor and is now serving a second term.

Many cities are now incorporating because of the many advantages they have as chartered entities. Keeping tax money at home, gaining control over police, fire, planning and 911 service are just a few of the advantages Johns Creek has discovered.

Calling the city “the Beverly Hills” of Georgia is no exaggeration. It is one of the wealthiest cities in the US with most of the best schools in Atlanta. It is respected for its well-managed, planned and sensible approach to growth, citizen service, governmental efficiency, community outreach, a spirit of volunteerism, and a reputation as a community that contributes generously to worthy causes.

Anyone interested in learning how a city can really serve the goals of a community through sensible guided growth and effective, cost conscious government will want to listen in.  To find out more about the process of city formation or reforms that can save tax dollars, contact the Mayor. For companies looking for a great city to headquarter in, you’ll want to have a look at the City of Johns Creek.

You can reach Mayor Bodker  at 678-512-3313. You can also contact him and other departments and the other organizations through the city’s website at

Process Improvement and ISO Certification to Grow Profit and Sales

Mike Caines and David Shavzin and team are process improvement and ISO certification consultants. They help companies streamline their operations and improve financial results by examining every aspect of their business processes. Starting from customer to vendor and every department in between, they work with their clients with the objective of making the flow smooth where interactions and customer experience are exceptional.

Explaining that process improvement isn’t about seeking to eliminate people but rather examining the processes that have grown up in a company and, in conjunction with the people involved using a proven process to look for ways to streamline, simplify and focus the way things are done.

That process produces savings but also sales. It cuts friction costs out such as too much or too little inventory, wasted effort in flows, documentation, lost or misplaced equipment, confusion, etc.

In fact, the process will, the delight the CEO, the CFO as well as the people who were formerly wasting time and emotional effort struggling with the old ways of doing things.

ISO is what could be described as a holistic process that a company adheres to in order to systematically improve their customer’s experience, streamline their operations and turn problems into opportunities to grow and stay focused on results.

Surprisingly, ISO certification is available for almost any company and may or may not be part of a process improvement project. But, as it is often the key to the door for a company wishing to do business with large companies, it can be a key differentiator between you and your competition.

David works with teams as does Mike, helping deal with the human emotional dimensions of change. Change often fails to implant itself if that is not handled well and they are experts at dealing with the issues involved.

One thing that can help businesses in Georgia is generous tax breaks for instituting a process improvement program. One client received a six figure refund as a result. Now that’s real stimulus!

You can find out about process improvement and ISO Certification by contacting Mike and David as follows:

Mike Caines can be reached, or 770-826-2559 and David Shavzin at, or call 678-795-1750.

Team building from hiring to inspiring; Bringing Hollywood Here

Alan Allard with Predictive Results, discusses how small firms to large can use EEOC compliant behavioral assessments to hire smarter, place people in the right job, and develop skills and behavior scientifically. Find out the secret to hiring the right person the first time – you sales managers pay particular attention – and avoid the very high cost and potential for lawsuits that comes with firing the wrong person who didn’t work out.

You can reach Alan at or call 678-778-9012.

The flip side of having teams is developing them into cohesive groups who work well together, are engaged and loyal and passionate about their company and their job. Kenny Zale of Making Teams Rock, brings his years of experience with sales management and a career as a professional musician to the art of team development through engagement strategies.

His company uses safe, business focused yet engaging events and games to teach people why it’s necessary and how to work together to succeed.  Meeting planners and owners seek out Kenny to help them create learning experiences that translate back to the workplace in the form of increased awareness of their teammates as people and the best ways to work together for a common goal. You can find out more at or call Kenny at 404-861-5130. He has a new book “Did Beethoven Do the Dishes – How to lead teams to success” coming out soon and is a great resource for progressive companies who understand the power of teams.

Hollywood is making big movies in Georgia and the Atlanta area today. One reason is FLIPSFilm. Dale Sizemore, CEO and Founder, simplifies and streamlines the frustrating, time-consuming, arduous task of getting all the filming permits needed to produce a commercial or a Hollywood Blockbuster. Dale says that local and state governments have, for good reason, permitting requirements that although usually sensible and necessary, are different for different jurisdictions and even between departments. Different forms, terminology and timetables slow or even stall productions that can run over $40 million and representing perhaps millions in spending locally.

His company uses a combination of technology and legwork to simplify the process for the filmmaker and simplify the process for the many governmental departments involved in the permitting process. His team standardizes the process from the filmmaker’s point of view and delivers every bit of information each governmental department involved needs to approve a permit quickly and in compliance with guidelines.

Everyone wins when the process is fast and FIPSFilm collapses the time to days or a few weeks instead of months or perhaps, never.

Working nationwide, FLIPSFilm, headquartered here in Alpharetta, eases movie making while increasing revenue coming into local communities daily. If you are in the commercial movie or video production business, you’ll want to contact Dale. If you are a local government who wants to attract Hollywood spenders to your jurisdiction, you’ll really want to contact Dale. You can reach him at or 678-576-5100.