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Diane Prindle – Hiring employees with disabilities; Howard Flint – Marketing effectively in a web-centric world

Diane Prindle of Briggs & Associates helps employers hire those with disabilities; Howard Flint, President of Ghost Partner helps companies market effectively using the new media and a changed web centric world. Briggs & Associates Diane Prindle helps those with mental disabilities find employment which gives an immense sense of satisfaction to those hired while helping companies discover a new pool of dedicated, grateful and highly effective employees to do many tasks in their companies.  Taxpayers win too as those hired no longer require support from State and Local programs freeing up funds badly needed in other areas. Dispelling the myth that hiring people with mild mental disabilities is fraught with problems, she cites study after study showing they make excellent highly-skilled employees in the right position. Working with the employer, Briggs & Associates analyze the job skills needed in various positions and identify those suited to their pool of individuals. After careful matching, the results surprise the employer because they find their new employee is loyal, on time, dedicated and turn out better results than the people they hired previously. There are many other positive outcomes from stepping forward to see how your company can make a difference for challenged individuals and in the process, improve many aspects of their own company. Contact Diane at 404-290-6860 email: Web: to learn more. Their services are free for the employer and the individuals they help so there is no reason not to reach out and discover a new talent pool. Ghost Partner Howard Flint sold his last company, BUZZ Publishing in 200 but saw that content on the web would soon become vital to being noticed. With a proven network of professional writers, he formed Ghost Partner to help firms navigate the uncharted waters of internet marketing. Working with some very high profile clients like Intuit/Quickbooks and many smaller ones, Howard and his team have rounded out a complete solution for internet marketing using unique, quality content, social media, SEO and website content optimization. His team have the edge over many others offering similar services having done newsletters for years and with a network of proven writers to tackle projects. The result is copy and marketing optimized to get the results you have set for your online marketing and return the highest ROI on your investment. If you struggle with finding or executing an internet/social media marketing strategy that works, you’ll want to be sure and reach out to Howard. Call him at 404-537-2166 X 4 or email: Web: